domenica 21 dicembre 2008

252 - Postcard from town in the North of Portugal. Which will it be?

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Martinha ha detto...

Hi Riccardo :P
I've only been to Amarante once a few years ago, i had to google to check if the card was from Amarante or not!!! If google didn't lie, the card is from Amarante :)
Once i've seen cards from Amarante on sale here in my city, but the shop reduced the quantity of the cards they sell now. They said that when the weather gets better they'll have more cards. If you want more cards from "your city" i can try to see if there's any cards left!!

Riccardo Amarante ha detto...

Dear Marta,
ok, I'm interested in trading these cards.
Do you agree for an exchange?
I like also other cards from Portugal.


Martinha ha detto...

Hi again Riccardo!
You can see here, the cards i've for trade:

Choose the cards you want and send me an email with your address.


Marklaro ha detto...

This card is from Amarante.
You can see more images from this town on this official site: