sabato 17 gennaio 2009

283 - Postcard from China (thanks Wang!)

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Crossford ha detto...

Dear Riccardo, greetings from Russia!
On this moment I can send you a postcards from doc.file I sent you earlier. Other postcards you selected I was unable to buy until now. I'll send you a stamp listed in you listing as rspa0627[1].jpg.(one stamp "АРКТИКУГОЛЬ"). Write me please names and quantity of postcards you have selected. After I will select a postcards from your trade list.
WBR, Yana.

Riccardo Amarante ha detto...

Hello Yana,
ok, send me the postcard that I selected in my email (only 10x15 cm)and 2 card for each of these cards:
Baku scan 5
Baku scan 7
Baku scan 13
Send me the cards you have available.
Thanks for the stamp. I like it very much (if you find the others, we can trade in other time)